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Dream Theater: Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Majesty Demos (19 (3 D (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Particle E. Motion, Another Won, The Saurus, Cry For Freedom, The School Song, Yyz, The Farandole, Two Far, Anti-Procrastination Song, Your Majesty, Solar System Race Song, I'm About To Faint Song, Mosquitos In Harmony Song, John Thinks He's Randy Song, Mike Thi...

Accept: Stalingrad (2 Disc) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 32.90
Inhalt: Hung Drawn And Quartered, Stalingrad, Hellfire, Flash To Bang Time, Shadow Soldiers, Revolution, Against The World, Twist Of Fate, The Quick And The Dead, Never Forget, The Galley

Lottchen: Tales For My Mother (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 32.90
Inhalt: Acre of land, Turning pages, Field trip, Here we are, Say a prayer, Jael, Seize the light, How much longer, The spark

Brad Barr: The Winter Mission (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 32.90

Ludovico Einaudi: Underwater (2 Disc) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Luminous, Rolling Like A Ball, Indian Yellow, Flora, Natural Light, Almost June, Swordfish, Wind Song, Atoms, Temple White, Nobody Knows, Underwater

Billy Talent: Crisis Of Faith (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 33.90
Inhalt: Forgiveness I + II, Reckless Paradise, I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better), The Wolf, Reactor, Judged, Hanging Out With All The Wrong People, End Of Me, One Less Problem, For You

Modeselektor: Extlp (Ltd.) (2 Disc) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 27.90
Inhalt: A1. tacken (extlp version), A2. hyendo dancehall (extlp version), A3. social distancing feat. flohio, A4. keller (extlp version), B1. bangface (extlp version), B2. dating is in china feat. catnapp (speed dating version), B3. ohm (extlp version), B4. puls (extlp version), C1. komm feat. blixa barg...

Boris: W (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 40.90
Inhalt: I Want To Go To The Side Where You Can Touch..., Icelina, Drowning By Numbers, Invitation, The Fallen, Beyond Good And Evil, Old Projector, You Will Know - "ohayo" Version -, Jozan

Komendarek: Komendarek (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 37.90
Inhalt: Plynaca plazma (flowing plasma), Cyklamenowe wyspy (cyclamen islands), Taniec szerszeni (the hornet dance), Symfonia istnien (symphony of beings), Znikajace promienie (disappearing rays), Trzeci test (third test), Dotyk chmur (touch of clouds), Sen shoguna (shogun's dream)

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