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Prince: Welcome 2 America (4 Disc) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 121.90
Inhalt: Welcome 2 America, Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master), Born 2 Die, 1000 Light Years From Here, Hot Summer, Stand Up And B Strong, Check The Record, Same Page, Different Book, When She Comes, 1010 (Rin Tin Tin), Yes, One Day We Will All B Free, Welcome 2 America, Running Game (Son Of A Slave Mas...

Oliver Lkoletzki: Made Of Wood (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90

Cindytalk: The Wind Is Strong... (Ltd Marble, Indies Only) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 36.90

Verschiedene: Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 Remixes (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 79.90
Inhalt: We've Got A Good Thing Going, Never Can Say Good Bye, All I Do Is Think Of You, La La Means I Love You, It's Great To Be Here, Happy, Love Song, I'll Be There, I Want You Back, With A Child's Heart, Ben

Cindytalk: Wappinschaw (Red, Indies Only) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 36.90

Television Personalities: And Don T The Kids Just Love It (40th Annive (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 37.90
Inhalt: This Angry Silence, The Glittering Prizes, World Of Pauline Lewis, A Family Affair, Silly Girl, Diary Of A Young Man, Geoffrey Ingram, I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives, Jackanory Stories, Parties In Chelsea, La Grande Illusion, A Picture Of Dorian Gray, The Crying...

Josephine Foster: Blood Rushing (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 35.90
Inhalt: Waterfall, Panorama Wide, Sacred Is The Star, Child Of God, Blood Rushing, The Wave Of Love, O Stars, Geyser, Underwater Daughter, Words Come Loose

The Kovenant: Nexus Polaris (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: The Sulphur Feast, Bizarre Cosmic Industries, Planetarium, The Last Of Dragons, Bringer Of The Sixth Sun, Dragonheart, Planetary Black Elements, Chariots Of Thunder

Old Man's Child: Pagan Prosperity (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 35.90
Inhalt: The Millennium King, Behind The Mask, Soul Possessed, My Demonic Figures, Doommaker, My Kingdom Will Come, Return Of The Night Creatures, What Malice Embrace

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