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Sadus: Swallowed In Black (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Black, Man infestation, Last abide, The wake, In your face, Good rid'nz, False incarnation, Images, Powers of hate, Arise, Oracle of obmission

Sadus: Chemical Exposure (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Certain death, Undead, Sadus attack, Torture, And then you die, Hands of fate, Twisted face, Fight or die, Illusions, Chemical exposure

Sadus: A Vision Of Misery (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Through the eyes of greed, Valley of dry bones, Machines, Slave to misery, Throwing away the day, Facelift, Deceptive perceptions, Under the knife, Echoes of forever

Sigiriya: Maiden Mother Crone (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 35.90
Inhalt: The Promise Of Snakes, Million Year Summer, The Resonance Of Goodbye, We All Die Laughing, Dying In A-Minor, Weighing Souls With Sand, Mouvement - World Deafening Eclipse, Burning In The Undertow Of God, Mouvement - The Smoke Of Her Burning, How To Build A Time Machine, Sleepwritten

The Flatmates: The Flatmates (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 36.90

Xibalba: Anos En Infierno (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 42.90
Inhalt: La Injusticia, Corredor De La Muerte, Santa Muerte, Saka, Años En Infierno, En La Oscuridad, El Abismo I, El Abismo Ii

Anne Clark: The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 27.90
Inhalt: Introduction: Flight Through Sunlit Clouds, So Quiet Here, At Midnight, Lost To The World, Come In, Fragility, That We Have Been Here (Version), Longing Stilled, If I Could, Nightship, Seize The Vivid Sky, The Haunted Road, I Of The Storm

Irmin Schmidt: Nocturne: Live At The Huddersfield Music Festival (2 Di (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 34.90
Inhalt: Klavierstück II, Nocturne, Yonder

School Of X: Armlock (Lp+mp3) (Musik LP)
Preis: SFr. 26.90

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